Access Your Healthcare Provider Portal Here:Employers Portal

At EHBA, we understand that providing the best healthcare benefits packages can impact your employees and your organization. We customize and build our plans to meet your needs, while ensuring high-quality coverage and cost-efficient options. How do we make it work for you?

  • Personalized service
  • Designated goals for benefits plans
  • Strategic partnership with Exemplar HPO
  • Time and commitment to build relationships across organization
  • Collaboration with vendors for smooth transition
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Claims Management Made Easy

We understand that time is the most valuable asset of any organization. To ensure optimum productivity and zero wasted time, we remain committed to removing the complexity and hassle associated with claims management. Our team is well versed in all the intricacies of the healthcare industry and leverages the newest and most efficient technology to service your business. We get things right the first time, every time and maintain consistent communication throughout the process.

Our capabilities don’t stop there as our operating system boasts the most sophisticated bundling capabilities, along with built-in clinical edits, fraud detection, and claims editing.

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Trusted Partner

We are more than a provider, we’re a trusted partner that leverages our expertise to ensure high-quality medical management and benefits design. We’ll guide you through each step of the process, so you receive the best value from your benefits. When in need, we will also tap into our esteemed industry partners to customize flexible plans for your organization.

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A User-Friendly Platform

Once logged in to your portal, you’ll have access to:

  • Full automation of your benefits package
  • Enrollment management and updates
  • Online documents and forms
  • At-a-glance reporting on your benefits package
  • Need-to-know information on the latest legislation
  • Tools for managing compliance
  • The latest industry news
  • Education on mitigating risk and keeping costs down
  • Ability to request and download ID cards

Simply log in to our online Employer Portal for access to everything you need to make your benefits admin seamless.

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Need help?

We’re always available to answer questions, provide advice or guide you through the claims management process.

Access Your Healthcare Provider Portal Here:Employers Portal