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What Exemplar has built will give your clients peace of mind with the most robust and affordable level-funded solution in the industry today!

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Why become an Exemplar Advisor?

Underwriting simplified

One of the largest complaints we here from employers when it comes to level-funding is the mountains of paperwork that must be completed by them and their employees to obtain a firm rate quote.  With our Royalty Series most if not all of the underwriting can be done right off of the census.  This takes away a lot of pain points for you as the advisor and the employer and employees.  


Because of our underwriting process, we can turn around firm rate quotes much faster than our competitors.  No more dragging out the quote process for long periods of time.  Business owners are busy.  We make the process of getting them an offer as quick and painless as possible.

A great product

Our Royalty Series was built using the same cost effective and medical management methods normally only allotted for large employers but with the small business employer in mind.  We have 12 pre-bundled benefit designs with all the bells and whistles built in that only large self insured groups usually get to benefit from.  We have the best of both worlds – access to great healthcare at the most affordable price.

Get rewarded for your hard work and dedication

We at Exemplar know the key role educated advisor’s preform in assisting employer’s obtain the best possible insurance solution’s for their business.  At Exemplar, your hard work does not go unnoticed and is rewarded.  We offer a lucrative compensation structure unrivaled in the industry. Why, simply put, you deserve it and will be bringing such a great value to your clients.

To offer our Royalty Series call us today

Exemplar Insurance Associates is our distribution partner for all of our Royalty Series products.  They are selective on which advisors are the right fit to market our products.  To find out more information on how the Royalty Series can help your clients, please contact us.